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Happy Anniversary To Me! And The Announcement

by amc

Soulsters! What’s going on?

A couple of things on this end.

Firstly, you wouldn’t believe what passed in the last week of February? My 5th year blogging anniversary!! Yes y’all, it’s still crazy to me that I am able to celebrate five years with my little blog that could. These pages originally started on Blogger, but I then transferred over to WordPress when my teacher stated that we had to either start or maintain an already existing blog on something you love for class marks. So in other words, I had no choice. LOL, but it was very easy for me to pick up with more of a direction on the topic of choice. I’ve been writing for a long time before the blog, so this was just another outlet for me to share in my passion – music and everything that encompasses it. Who would have thought that it would become what it is today? Not I.

The opportunities that have come my way because of this site have been amazing, to say the least. It’s allowed me to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone. For someone who loves change and challenges, on the whole, I took everything and continue to take it all as it comes. To the writers/editors that I have respected, read, and practically grew up with through the pages of magazines who took me in with open arms; to my tight-knit blogging family that I’ve made long lasting relationships with; to the venues and PR teams to this day that have me in mind for events to attend; to the amazing companies that I’ve been able to work within the past few years; to the artists that I’ve respected over the years that I’ve been able to meet, interview, attend shows, and review their music; and lastly to you the readers and supporters who allow me to share my thoughts and come along for the ride every single post – to you all, I say a great big heartfelt thank you. And that is certainly not enough in my book.

And secondly, I’ve been bursting at the seams and now I’m finally ready to share in the never-ending announcement…LOL With the anniversary comes to a new venture! Well, your girl has been given the opportunity to bring Soulafrodisiac.com to life on the internet airwaves. That’s right – I’m going to be hosting my own online radio show (have mercy…lol). On a biweekly basis, you can catch myself and one of my favourite DJ’s – DJ Phaze – on Fullasoul.com at 2 pm on Sunday afternoons for The Rhythm With AMC. If you’ve been listening in to the station, chances are you’ve already heard my promo. 😀 You can find Fullasoul.com on iTunes, Windows Media Guide, TuneIn etc. So believe when I say, you can find me! I’m very excited and thankful for the opportunity to be able to come to you through a different medium. This is going to be interesting and entertaining, to say the least. At least that’s the plan! Ha!

So again, meet me starting this Sunday, on Fullasoul.com at 2 pm for The Rhythm With AMC. I can’t wait! More news to come in the upcoming days. You will see me talk about it ad nauseam on my Soulafrodisiac Facebook Fan Page, I’ll also have a spot right here on the site so you can keep up with what’s going on, and I will have the shows posted on my Soulafrodisiac Soundcloud Page so everyone can stay up to date as well. I aim to make my radio ladies Jodine from Jodine’s Corner, and my girl Drea from the former Tru & Drea Show (to name two of my favourites) proud! No pressure! LOL

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