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TICKET GIVEAWAY: Grown Games Night Anti-Valentine’s Edition

by amc

Hey Soulsters!

Well, after watching the Patriots hand over the Falcon’s ass on a pristine silver platter, I think there are a host of us who can do for some good vibes (because I mean, really—WTF?!).

Now, with Valentine’s Day coming around the corner, some would say that the same feelings they’re carrying for the Falcons (hell or the Patriots) right now is exactly the same as they have for Valentine’s Day. Well, I’m here for you. And so are my fam at R Flavour and This Is Your Conscience. They have come together for another round of games night, but this one is The Anti-Valentine’s Edition! And, we’ll be celebrating the birthday of Mr. RFlavour himself—Jason Quammie!

Now if you didn’t come through last time, this is what you missed out on:

And truthfully, I have nothing more to say to y’all except I’m giving away a pair of tix to this awesome event!! Make sure to swing over to the site for ticket and event information here.

You know the deal, here are the rules and regs:

– Please enter your full name, email address and phone number.

– The contest starts now, as of this post! The deadline for entries will be on Thursday, February 9th at midnight.

– You MUST live in the Toronto area to enter and must be able to attend the event. Tickets CANNOT be transferred or passed on to anyone.

– The winner will be notified by email and text on Friday, February 10th, 2017.

– The winners will also be announced on Soulafrodisiac’s Twitter and Facebook Fan Page at 1 PM.

**Please note, entering the contest automatically adds you to the Soulafrodisiac newsletter.




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