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A Weekend Quickie With Thembisa Mshaka!

by amc

Yes, I never do posts on the weekend – so this is a first!  Just a quick note, mostly for my UK massive

You have most definitely heard me talk about Thembisa on these pages. I mentioned previously, how she has been added to my list of “writer crushes” and believe, I don’t have many.  So that really says a lot.  She’s not only down to earth and pretty chilltastic, but she has a great book on the shelves right now that you should check out.  If you are a woman and you’re looking for some guidance in this here entertainment industry, here is the book for you.  Put Your Dreams First is a great guide with stories and antidotes from some of the top female movers and shakers in the game.  And don’t get it twisted, the book is not just for females, our male counterparts can take info away from it as well.

Thembisa will be making her rounds this week in the UK, all of her stops are listed on the flyer above.  She has already started, so check to see if she’s dropping by near you!  If you have a chance, please take a minute and visit the author.  I’m sure she has many stories to share about her long-standing and ongoing roller-coaster ride in entertainment.  Chat it up with her, purchase a book!  Do the do, tell her I sent ya!  😉

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