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“4” by Beyoncé

by amc

Yes, I’m here to throw a monkey wrench in it all. I’m sure no one ever fathomed seeing a review for anything by Beyoncé on these pages. Well, here’s my two cents on Beyoncé. Everyone is too caught up in trying to pinpoint just what Beyoncé is all about and all caught up in anything scandalous, instead of focusing on the music. I’m quite aware of the power and persuasion of media and how it can warp one’s mind (if you let). I got caught up in the hyperbole until I asked myself – “What is it about Beyoncé that has everyone loving her so much or hating her immensely?” I finally attended one of her concerts and I totally understood what the magic was all about. The woman has vocals (which she tends to overdo sometimes) and she is no doubt, born to perform.  Not to mention, she shut me the hell up after that show. As for the hating – who really has time to spend on that mess? Mind you, she has talent and we all know it’s quite easy for the haters to come forth and kick down the same pedestal they put anyone with a number of accomplishments on. If you think Beyoncé cares, I have news for you. Regardless of my rant, I listen to music, as I am a fan of the music. And Mrs. Carter surely has a winner here with 4.

I can easily go through each song and let you know exactly what I think, but we shall take another route altogether. I love the album from beginning to end, but I will share my absolute favourites only and make this go along quicker. 😉

“1+1”: The proclamation of love, intensified by moving echoes is absolutely contagious on this track.  While of course giving you false pretenses about being able to sing every high note right along with B.  “Best Thing I Never Had”: What more can be said about this track? I’ve said it before, this will surely go down as one of the best “see you later buddy, thank god I got rid of you when I did” songs. It’s just as easygoing on the ear as “Irreplaceable” was and that gives it a huge like factor right there. “Rather Die Young”: One of my favourite songs on the album. “boy you’ll be the death of me/you’re my James Dean/I feel like I’m 17.” Love it. “Love On Top”: Has a very fun, top 40 feel to it. A song that can ride the charts and crossover to as many genres as it likes. Upbeat, jovial and entertaining. Nothing wrong with that. “End Of Time”: My other favourite track. Makes me want to shake my tail every time I hear it. Infectious drum beats, a bit similar to “Who Run The World (Girls)” but injected with a tad more steroids than the latter. “Party”: Yeezy, you did it again! A blast from the past with a surge of new wave and 80’s pop and Andre 3000’s bars are a nice touch. A fabulous exit for the album.

The album has been on rotation for a couple of months now and I haven’t reached my limit as yet. I don’t see it reaching anytime soon either. My secret wish is for Beyoncé to release a more ‘grown’ album (a la “Halo” and “I Was Here”). I’m sure some of you will say that’s what she attempted with I Am…Sasha Fierce, but I think she can come stronger than that.  It’s great to have fun, but she is also approaching 30 and her fans are growing with her. There’s nothing wrong with having fun and it sure shows that she is. I’m running with this album in my playlist and really, I’m not mad at Beyoncé at all. Do you, hun. If you give it a spin, let me know what you think.

Hear y’all soon,

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