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A Powerhour With Stevie Wonder Mixtape

by amc

Soulsters! What’s the word?

I haven’t been around these pages in a little bit, as I’ve been working on getting some projects together, moving (we all know how that can go sometimes) and well – living life the only way I know how. I’m back and in full effect, ready to pick up the reigns and get this machine running full speed ahead again. Thank you for sticking with me, here we go. 😉

Y’all know just how much I love DJ Phaze. He’s a DJ whose work I definitely support and put my stamp of approval on. I’ve spoken about Phaze previously on these pages. He is the mixologist behind my infamous Anita Baker Sessions Mix that everyone seems to still be asking about (I will get to that another time ;)), his show Soul Siesta over on Rhythm & Soul Radio and his well-known podcasts that just don’t quit. And speaking about those podcasts…

DJ Phaze strikes again with a fantastic Stevie Wonder Mixtape entitled Stevie Wonder Power Hour, that simply must be added to your playlist. What I love about this mix, is the fact that Phaze turns it inside out. He pulls out the tracks that you’re not used to hearing get their shine. Yes we love “Ribbons In The Sky” and “As,” but we also love “Bird of Beauty” and “I Ain’t Gonna Stand For It” too. Hell, we love everything Stevie, don’t we? Well, all Stevie lovers will definitely enjoy this one – so here’s a mix for you.

This one is only around for a limited time folks, only for a week! So get your download on here and enjoy!

And by the way,  I know I was going to share some news with you today, but I’m going to hold on to that tidbit for a little bit. Soon my friends, soon. 😀

Hear y’all soon,

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