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It’s March Madness!

by amc

Guess what time it is Soulsters? It’s March Madness 2012!

For those of you who have been riding with me for the longest, you know that for the past few years, I’ve teamed up with my boy Will Dawson over on Dawsonink.com to bring y’all a celebratory Women’s History Month of epic proportions. I am a woman, hear me purr. 😉

When was the last time you checked for your favourite female group?  That’s right, this year we are letting our favourite groups take their place in the limelight. Like the sports brackets we were inspired by, we have our top seeds going head to head. With your help, we get to see who your favourites are by tallying your votes. As we move along through the rounds, we go through the brackets and wait to see who will claim the throne as top diva group of them all!

To get involved, swing on over to DawsonInk.com and simply vote for your favourites. No hair strands, blood or saliva swabs needed. We’re already getting the votes in for the South bracket, so come on through and get those bets going. You can also keep up with March Madness 2012 by joining the Facebook event and following my fan page as well. Join us and keep up with the bracket listings as we celebrate Women’s History Month the only way we know how!

See y’all soon…


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