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Soïa & Kyo Fashion Show – World Mastercard Toronto Fashion Week…

by amc

I’m finally back, Soulsters! It has been awhile, hasn’t it? I do hope you like the new visuals of the website! I had to change it up a bit with something fresh and new. Trust me, I haven’t been resting on my laurels at all. I’ve been busy getting back in gear. Arranging a few new 6 Questions With, attending events, brainstorming future events, attending to new clients and whipping around town. You know how I do. With that said, I’m back with a few words about a fashion show I attended tonight. Initially, I was to attend World Mastercard Toronto Fashion Week 2013 as media, but my week didn’t go as planned. Trust me when I say, I plan to be better prepared and FREE during Fashion Week in March. Let’s hope for the best! Anyhow, because of my schedule, I opted to attend one show that I was able to fit in  – and that was Soïa & Kyo.


Soia & Kyo 2013 Collection. Picture courtesy of Soia & Kyo.

The first time I fell in love with Soïa & Kyo outerwear, was in NYC. I was out searching for a jacket at Macy’s, and I happened to fall upon a grey leather-trimmed beauty of a coat. The contours, the petal-like trimming, the way it was tailored to fit – it was damn near perfect. It took everything in my being to refrain from pulling out my credit card. My good sense and judgement (at least I like to think it was good sense) veered me in a whole other direction, but up to this day, I still dream about that coat. Yes, I really do.

Fast forward to October 25th, 2012 and Soïa & Kyo’s 2013 collection. Ilan Elfassy has created a collection that is geared to the casual jet-setter. The models were the epitome of cool, strutting down the runway adorned in fresh pastels and balanced off with a casual coat or jacket. The ladies were adorned with a loose and carefree chignon surrounded by a turban, while the men were accented with a few hats here and there. From tans and creams to fuschia and purples, there were quite a few pieces that caught my eye. The three pieces that garnered my attention were: asymmetrical zippered tan leather jacket (it just screamed fabulousness), a simple cream double-breasted trench (who doesn’t love a classic trench coat?), and a sexy hot fuschia suede moto jacket. I’m ready to see these pieces up close and personal once they hit the stores. I already shed a tear and gawked at the show, god help me when I have to activate my willpower once again.

It was a great evening on the whole. The fashion, meeting Twitter family from the fashionista set and seeing old friends whom I haven’t seen since I’ve been back. Just a fantastic night. I look forward to hopefully working my way around the tents next March. Be sure to check out a few of my pics from the soiree in the Soulafrodisiac’s POV section on the right!

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