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Amma Whatt? Yes, Amma Whatt

by amc

I don’t know about you, but every time I hear this commercial, I do ‘get happy.’ It’s all in that cheery disposition, which comes along with the voice singing her blues away.

I know you hear this commercial on the regular and can’t help but sing along, or maybe even skip along in your living room. Well, I happen to know the voice behind the magic. I’ve been meaning to do a post on this young lady for the longest while. Like, last year…LOL,

But again, you know my motto – “it’s never too late to share in the good stuff.”

Amma Whatt is a singer/songwriter/producer/everythinger Brooklyn cool chick. The lady is a bad mamma jamma and very accomplished in her own right. Amma has graced the 2008 Academy Awards stage performing the nominated song “Raise It Up” from the film August Rush, made it as a finalist during Hollywood Week on the 5th season of American Idol, continues to produce and write for herself, other artists and commercials, and toured internationally as a supporting vocalist for the likes of Ki-Ki Sheard, Melba Moore, and Shirley Murdock to name a few. All of those accomplishments and more are simply the tip of the iceberg for Amma.

Last year, she released her phenomenal teaser of an EP entitled Maybe. This piece of work here had everyone buzzing, and it also included appearances by Monet, Vinx, Akil Dasan, Shawn Lucas, and Nicholas Ryan Gant. Everyone can tell you that her live shows are something to definitely catch if she comes around your area. Amma can sang like a little nightingale. I played this little gem non-stop from the first time I heard the title track. Press play on “Maybe“:

Amma gives you a serving of a little bit of everything – hip hop, jazz, soul – it’s all very present. Like the HomeGoods commercial, Amma’s spirit and disposition seep into her songs and assault your senses in the coolest way ever. I would say that Amma’s aim is to be vibrant, fun, and leave you wanting for more. Let’s not forget, this is only a 6 track EP. Just imagine what else she has to share with us. Believe when I say, I cannot wait to hear more. Keep your ears peeled this year for her new full-length album, I have a feeling we will be in for something special.

You can catch Amma Whatt at these social spots:






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