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The Sweet Sounds of ”Music” from Ellene Masri

by amc

Hey Soulsters – it’s time for some Monday vibes to get you started for your week. I seem to be on the soulful jazz-influenced vibes lately, so ride on with me.

Meet guitarist, songwriter, soul and jazz singer Ellene Masri. She had me from the first note, no lie. I pressed play on her single ‘’Secret Lover’’ and I was sold. Armed with a melodic and alluring voice, she grabs your attention and refuses to let go. Ellene straddles the line between soul and jazz effortlessly on her debut album entitled Music. The instrumentals are sexy and sweet-sounding throughout the entire set and Ellene’s vocals are simple and inviting. Ellene hails from Los Angeles, but has travelled extensively throughout the UK and has left her mark. Along with her travels during the month of August, she performed in France at the Jazz en Baie Festival accompanied by Sir Gant on piano. For those of you who are not aware, Sir Gant is known for arranging the classic ‘’Sweet Love’’ by my fairy-godmother Anita Baker. He has also worked with the likes of Randy Crawford and Regina Bell, so I already know that this pairing was nothing short of fantastic. Ellene left the festival as an audience favourite and Sir Gant is now her Music Director for her performances.

I already marked my favourites on this album; one being ‘’Secret Lover’’ and another being ‘’Treat Me Like A Woman.’’ My friends, press play on ‘’Secret Lover’’.

As I stated earlier, the instrumentation – you know I’m a sucker for good brass, and if you have a great piano solo to go along with that? I’m reduced to silly putty. I really like what I hear from Ellene Masri’s debut. Get your vibes on with Ms. Masri, perhaps she may be touring soon in a city near you.

You can find Ellene Masri at the following social spots:





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