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Falling In Love with The Suffers

by amc

I’m back, y’all! New site (hope you like) and new vibes. Here we go…

My music sensei never steers me wrong. Mind you, I do have many. But one of them gave me life a couple of weeks ago when he curbed my ears to The Suffers. Let’s talk about this amazing group, shall we? The Suffers consist of  ”a few guys and a girl playing Gulf Coast soul,” which is what their Twitter account states. However, to me that translates into – we are a badass group from Houston that can rock a mic and serve you soul as hot as authentic jerk chicken, yet as cool as a cold libation on a hot summer day. The leading lady – Kam Franklin (who happens to be a Gemini and born the same day as my brother, may I add! Fabulousness!!), is definitely the answer to the equation here. The band and Ms. Franklin just fit. It’s really that simple. This group here! The Suffers sound is a mélange of rocksteady, soul and jazz. This is surely enough to solicit a bubble and two-step. Their sound can most likely lay heavy on the fact that the group is a mix of some of the best bands in the Houston area (Heptic Skeptic, Los Skarnales, The Handsomes etc). They are simply fantastic and I have fallen hard.

It all started with their video “Giver” that I posted over on the Soultracks Video Countdown. I fell in love. The arrangements, the vocals and the brass! Y’all know I am a sucker for a wicked horn section. I mean, who can go wrong with a brass section that refuses to quit? Of course, that was the beginning of a serious love affair of sorts, and I have now listened to all of their singles. ”Gwan” happens to be my favourite, hands down. It’s a surge of funky, brass-filled energy with the simplest of lyrics, but man is it infectious. Kam Franklin is not a joke! Search it out and you will see exactly what I mean.  But to give you a little taste of their goodness, please press play on a live version of their song ”Make Some Room” live at the Orange Room:

You know you love it, don’t fight it. You can’t! I don’t even know what else to say on this. My friends, if you haven’t already – please get yourself acquainted with The Suffers.

You can find The Suffers at the following social spots:






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