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Melanie Durrant Delivers Miss Celie’s Blues

by amc

Hey, Lovelies.

Alas, tis Monday. That dreadful day of the week that everyone despises to the endth degree. I must admit, I woke up today with a little less mojo than usual. So needless to say, I needed something to give me an energy boost of sorts. For my mojo, and to find some equilibrium for my soul.

Scanning my Facebook timeline, I came across exactly what I needed from the gifted and most talented Melanie Durrant. Melanie went on ahead and covered one of the sassiest and full-bodied songs from The Color Purple – “Miss Celie’s Blues” as a special request. I’m upset that she didn’t do this sooner! Now if you’all don’t already know about Ms. Durrant’s skills from the gems she has dropped on us over the years, then go on ahead and familiarize yourself with these vocals, if you please. She also has a new single out entitled “Four Seasons” from her upcoming album release Anticipation, but believe when I tell you that is an entirely different post.

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