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Let’s Go “Live” with Lalah Hathaway

by amc

Hey there Soulsters. I do hope everyone had a long weekend filled to the brim with debauchery and mischief (especially if you were on de Parkway in New York), or if a quiet weekend BBQing and chillaxing was your move, then I hope you enjoyed that as well.

Listen – when I saw this, I was compelled to post about it. Why do you ask? Isn’t the fact that Grammy®Award Winner Lalah Hathaway is asking for assistance even enough? But honestly, if you don’t know about Lalah and what the woman is about musically, you have literally been living under a huge boulder at the Bedrock Quarry.

Lalah Hathaway is music royalty. Being the daughter of any musical legend can surely be a bit terrifying and daunting.  But being the daughter of soul great Donny Hathaway?! Mercy. She is totally confident about her gift and its magical powers, which is clearly reflected in Hathaway’s work over the years. There is no question that she is walking her path and her father would be proud. No doubt.

Fast forward to the here and now all the way from ”Heaven Knows” –  Lalah recently won a Grammy® for Best R&B Performance for her fierceness with Snarky Puppy on the single ”Something.” Soulsters, that was a masterpiece of a song right there. It actually gave you a little taste of what Lalah would sound like delivering all of those ongoing riffs, scats and gorgeously laid vocals in a live setting. And here is where her latest project brings us, to a celebration of live music brought to you by Lalah herself. On her Pledge Music page she states:

”while I’ve made six studio recordings that I’m very proud of, I’ve always dreamed of creating a live album like my dad’s – feeling and hearing the spirit of the audience, the musical conversation between the players…capturing it all.”

I am all in and right here for this.

A live album with Lalah giving it to us from her soul. No holds barred, free and unapologetic. I believe this will be something to behold.

Head on over to Lalah Hathaway’s Pledge Music page to see the goodies she has in store for those able to make a pledge, and assist her with making this dream a reality. From personally signed copies of the upcoming album to a Skype session with the lady (have you seen her Instagram vids or follow her on Twitter?) – there is a smorgasbord of treats to choose from.

Excuse me while I scour the page to figure out where I can lend a hand.

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