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Tanika Charles Takes Us On A “Soul Run” Tour

by amc

How I love me this lady.

I’ve previously spoken about Tanika Charles on these pages, have featured her video “I Am Your Woman” on the Soultracks Video Countdown, shared music, ticket giveaways – you name it. Mz. Chawls is the kind of soulful artist that tells a gritty story of love and heartache from the inner depths of her soul. She never shies away from bearing it all. Isn’t that what makes a great artist? Genuineness. Adeptness. Vulnerability. Relation. We love Tanika because she gives it to us straight, no chaser. No holds barred. You know the deal.

Her newest release Soul Run is a collection of songs that allowed Charles to heal from a mentally abusive relationship. With titles like “Love Fool” and “Darkness and the Dawn”, it’s inevitable that you’ll be taken through a roller coaster ride of emotional downfalls and triumphs. Charles is about to take all of those elements and then some on the road for her Soul Run Tour that will soon be coming to a city near you. In true Tanika Charles form, let her tell you where she will be heading to across Canada. Yes, you could just read the flyer above, but what fun would that be?

Learn a bit more about Soul Run and Tanika in her recent story in the National Post about possibly vexating Drake, who she’s listening to right now (I’m with you on that ANTI album!), and her musical guilty pleasures. Be sure to catch Tanika Charles on tour in a city near you!

You can catch Tanika Charles on the following social spots:


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