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We Patiently Wait For “Ice Cream Everyday” by Amel Larrieux

by amc

This songbird right here.

Well, I’m glad this came across my inbox a couple of weeks ago (yes, I’m a tad late on the draw, what else is new). At least I get a minute to put some shine on a song that gets plenty of play on my end and an album that I am eagerly anticipating – and by the sounds of it, everyone else is too.

Amel Larrieux‘s gift is absolutely remarkable. It’s quite evident when you press play on any Groove Theory or Amel solo tracks – “Tell Me,” “Baby Luv,” Unanswered Questions,” “Trouble” “Get Up” and I can go on. Amel’s body of work is a sweet melange of jazz, soul, world beats, r&B, hip hop – it’s all in there. The most impressive instrument of all is her voice. Ripping and running through riffs and choruses like it’s nobody’s business. Ever see her live? If not, please mark that down on your must do and see list.

“Afraid” is the first single (along with the upcoming album) that Amel has released since the phenomenal Lovely Standards in 2007. It has definitely been too long. The album Ice Cream Everyday is a compilation of tracks that was set to be released on August 27th from her Blisslife Records label but has unfortunately now been pushed to October 1st. So while we wait, how about we press play on “Afraid” and play it loud? I never get tired of playing this track on my radio show The Rhythm with AMC. The harmonies, the vibe, it’s Amel and she’s back. I’m in love, love, love.

Press Play on “Afraid”:

So Soulsters, just a reminder for those of you who have already pre-ordered the album, and for those who are patiently awaiting for its release – mark your calendar for October 1st and get ready to consume your Ice Cream Everyday with Amel Larrieux.

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