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You’re Missing Out If You’re Not Down With Ebrahim

by amc

This dude here.

I have been meaning to do a post on Ebrahim for the LONGEST while. I have to go back on this one, because he always adds a dash of being “funky fresh dressed to impress, ready to party” along with a pinch of “smokin’ hot to def” business every time he releases work and I’ve been a fan for a time now. Not to mention, the dude is Canadian by way of Toronto & Vancouver. If you haven’t been hipped to his gift, then, by all means, let me show you the way.

I remember last year a fellow music enthusiast asked me, “Have you heard of Ebrahim?” And whenever that statement is asked by her, I am always immediately intrigued.  At that point in our conversation, I was sent a link to Ebrahim’s YouTube page and the link left me yearning for more. His mashups and covers are superb and his voice is like butttta. Ebrahim touches upon Bob Marley and The Fugees, Joni Mitchell, Talib Kweli and Nina Simone and Brittany Spears (yes, Brittany). He manages to add his own hip hop-soulful swerve on it. Usually, you will find him sitting at his keyboard, planted in front of his mic, equipped with a pair of fabulous puffy koala slippers (I kid you not) and that’s how Ebrahim creates his magic. The fantastic part is, everyone gets a front-row seat while he creates on the spot. Ebrahim’s album Goldrush is one that I did know of, but at the time did not put two and two together. Goldrush is phenomenal from the intro of “E To The” to the gentle guitar strum of “I’m Free.” You can also find Ebrahim sprinkling his goodness over on fellow Canadian, Slakah The Beatchild’s albums and more. If this is not enough, his latest video/single/cover is a tribute featuring Aaron Harding to D’Angelo’s track “Africa.” Ebrahim wrote himself: “If I could write a song like this in my lifetime, I would be complete.” The damn thing was so stupendous, I had to include it in the recent Soultracks Video Countdown.  All I’m waiting on now is a spanking brand-new hawt-ass album. Can we have one of those E? 😀

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