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Teri Tobin Share’s Her “Love Infinity”

by amc

I didn’t know about the beautiful Teri “a summer breeze on a southern day…” Tobin, until her debut album Love Infinity was recommended to me by a mutual friend a while back. Her credits were very impressive, having sung background vocals for Jeffery Osborne, Diana Ross, Chante Moore and Mica Paris to name a few.  I truly didn’t know what to expect when I pressed play. Let’s be real – I don’t know that many songbirds hailing from Arizona and y’all are quite aware, I’m truly picky.  I pressed play and a cozy, welcoming, sensual voice emanated from my earphones in the form of the track “Someone,” as I sat on my bus ride. It actually evoked an enormous grin right across my face. You know, the type you get when you close your eyes and feel a song. I’m sure fellow bus riders where bewildered beyond belief.  And the enchantment continued, as the songs just kept rolling in like a never-ending sun storm.

The  wanting and gushing in “Everything I Ever Wanted,” and the feel-so-good-from-the-inside-out track (and also my favorite) “Wide.”  It was only the first three songs on Teri’s album and she had me in the palm of her hands.  The mid-tempo vibes of “I’m In Love” is reminiscent of Jill Scott’s “The Way You Love Me” – the infusion of horns and the buttery lacings of Teri’s voice come together superbly.  The alluring and tantalizing vibrations dripping from “Whatcha Say” are enough to get any soiree started (another favorite track) and the album couldn’t of ended on a better note, than on the heavy-hearted “Why.”  To me, the album is set in waves. It starts on a mellow tip, takes you on a mid-tempo journey and ends on a slow, quiet storm tip.  Love it. Love Infinity is melancholy, sensual, endearing and tender. Teri Tobin has herself quite a debut here, don’t pass it by.

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