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Water Seed In My Ear!

by amc

My email inbox is a daunting task that I face every single day. I’m sure you’ve seen me complain about it on some social network. It’s an ongoing dichotomy of love and hate. But when I come across a diamond in the rough, I always remind myself that it’s so worth sifting through it all to come face to face (or ear to speaker in this case) with a fantastic group/artist/track. In this case, I would like you to meet Lou Hill, Cinese, J Sharp, Shaleyah, I.M.A., Dante Vess and Abel Melody – members of the group from New Orleans that has caught my ear and then some –  Water Seed.

I am presently in deep stalking mode when it comes to their music. Water  Seed‘s sound is just lush, lush, lush. Their voices melange into a balanced harmony and they’ve become a group I can rave about all day long. I visited their Reverbnation page and was thrown into another musical spiral when I heard their cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing.” The intro was a definite throw to both a touch of soca and zouk, but one can also argue house as well since the two are so similar in underlying beats. Let’s not forget, they are from New Orleans, so the French creole sound and influence is rich and abundant. I can’t stop listening to it. But the song that started it all for me is “Feel Like I Do.” I can’t even put it into words, but if I say it like this, you will understand where I’m coming from. Rarely does a song really curb my ear and cause me to press repeat in the first few notes of the track. I do have a few, but believe when I say it is a very short list. And this track just made the list. I simply couldn’t keep all the goodness to myself, you know that’s just not me.

I implore you to check out what Water Seed has to offer. They are fantastic. Listening to their Reverbnation page alone should have you wanting for more. I know I am anxiously awaiting an album. Sooner rather than later, please! 😀

You can catch Water Seed at these social spots:






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